Queer & Now is a feminist, trans-inclusive, futuristic physical theater company based in Amherst, MA, co-founded by Garrett Sager and our creative family in 2017 at UMass Amherst. 

          “Our borders are shifting.
Our bodies are transforming.”

 Set in a world where water is rapidly rising and borders are massively disintegrating, Queer & Now: Sync or Swim follows seven mythical deities overcoming struggles rooted in rampant sexism, corporate greed, and climate change. 

Told through a series of vignettes with drag, lip syncing, and dance, Queer & Now: Sync or Swim takes ancient world mythology and fuses it with contemporary pop music to embrace our impending future. 

Production Team
Director & Producer Garrett Sager
Dramaturgy Finn Lefevre, Afrikah Smith
Costume Design Christina Beam
Assist. Costume Designer & Props Designer Sami Brzozowski
Makeup & Hair Design Sarah Talaid

Garrett Sager, Akira Rose, Fay Bobersky, Elizabeth Gonçalves, Emma Hollows, Sebastian Salloum, Bry Belling