call me when you get this

A contemporary adaptation of Floyd Dell’s 1915 two-hander ENIGMA, call me when you get this enlists a cast of twelve to navigate digital (dis)connection in the age of surveyed hyper-love. What begins as a break-up over video chat evolves into a distorted battle to be seen despite our own values tested against the virtual panopticon. An immersive digital experience, call me when you get this explores the pitfalls of miscommunication, distance, and the lengths we go for unrequited love.

call me when you get this was collectively conceived and (re)written by the cast and creative team listed below.

Creative Team
Director Irisdelia Garcia
Stage Manager Afrikah Smith
Producer / Dramaturg Garrett Sager
Assistant Stage Manager Rain
Sound Designer Cami Dominguez

Nick Baker, Black Lavender, Cindy Dzib, Lily Filippatos, Sabine Jacques, Erik Long, Danielle Samar McPhaul, Brandon Medina, Jordan Reed, Amber-Nicole Rodriguez, Sandra Seoane-SerĂ­, and Angel Zeas

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