Afrikah, they/them, is a Massachusetts-based multicultural theater practitioner with specialities in dramaturgy, management, and arts journalism.

As an alum of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Afrikah received their B.A. in Theater and a certificate in Multicultural Theater. Influencing their work to collaborate in creating art that intersects community, identity, healing, and sparks dialogue.

Since graduating, Afrikah has worked on multiple projects that focus on intersectional issues, and is focused on honing their craft that honors the artistic process.

Expanding their craft in 2020, Afrikah became a fellow of the Front Porch Arts Collective’s Young Critics Program; delving into the world of arts journalism. In 2021, they became a fellow of Jose Solis’s BIPOC Critics Lab, sharpening their skills in arts criticism through various mediums.

Their Mission

As a multicultural theatre maker Afrikah is dedicated to uplifting the voices and stories of communities marginalized by white supremacy, with thoughtfulness, empathy, and care.  They believe that theatre is a communal space to reckon with identity, reflection, and healing for both audiences and creative collaborators. From start to finish, the creative process should be insightful and mind expanding as the audience experience, as each story we tell carries lessons we can all benefit learning and growing from.