You Are Invited to the Rites Of Passage: 20/20 Vision Crowdsourcing Kickoff!

RITES OF PASSAGE: 20/20 VISION Crowdfunding Kickoff Party
Saturday, May 1, 2021 @ 7pm
Streaming Live on YouTube & Facebook

This LIVE virtual event will be broadcasted on our Facebook page and on YouTube.

Live on You Tube:
Live on Facebook:
Link to donate:

Imagine yourself walking into a bright and colorful building of 21 rooms, each a “room of cure” filled with objects & art, soil & flowers, and women of all ages engaged in rituals of re-membering and becoming. The air feels like reverence, power, knowledge… 10,000 ancestors are gathered. You are in a temple, an art space, a living village – reverberant with the voices of Women of Color. They embody a vision of a new world; a world where respect, compassion, and feminine sovereignty are paramount. A world where Black women are HEARD, a world where Indigenous women are HEARD, a world where trans women are HEARD, a world where Women of Color are HEARD, celebrated, honored. We welcome you to be a part of this healing. You are about to experience RITES OF PASSAGE: 20/20 VISION.

RITES OF PASSAGE: 20/20 VISION is a House of Belonging, Resilience & Re-Membering honoring Black, Indigenous and Immigrant (cis & trans) Women of Color. Set throughout 21 rooms of a former Women’s Club in the Berkshires, Massachusetts, each room is a living embodiment of a “rite of passage” in women’s lives between birth and death, and a reclamation of ancestral resilience & power. It will be taking place over 5 days, with 10 live performances from August 13-17, 2021, and 1 live-streamed performance, and will be co-created by 65+ phenomenal BIPOC amazing women and allies from around the US. We are raising $100K (to meet our $200K goal) by May 31st to cover the costs of creating this beautiful work of art & soul, and need your support.

I am so honored to be part of this project because I believe Rites of Passage is an experience that asks to be witnessed and reckon with wholly, and is a reclamation of the Divine Feminine for BIPOC Women and Femmes.

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